How many old cans of paint do you have lying around the house in your basement or garage?

Would you like them picked up …knowing that the paint and the can will be recycled; keeping millions of pounds of waste from entering our landfills?

Paint Recycling Services in partnership with ePaint Recycling makes this all possible!

Look at what you’ve helped us accomplish!

4.2+ million cans so far…that’s over 29 million pounds of paint sludge, metal and plastic that we’ve saved from being buried in our landfills.


With your help, we can accomplish zero landfill waste!

Further our cause of saving as much paint and as many paint cans as we can from being ingested by Mother Earth.

In 2017 we hope to reach a total of over 4.7 million cans.

We can help you clear your paint clutter from the basement and garage AND do something extraordinary for our environment!

ECO-Pick Service is available for residential and commercial locations. Our service fee is a flat rate based specifically on the type of paint and container size.

2017 GOAL

4.7 Million

Year to Date Total

Hassle Free Paint Recycling

Michigan Pick-Up
Convenient and Reliable
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our first priority is providing you with top notch service and treating the environment with the care and respect it deserves.

4,200,000+ recycled paint cans and counting!

Take a look here for our Eco-Pick Service fees.

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